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Message from the President

Our goal is to improve customer satisfaction by developing new technologies that satisfies the ever-changing market demands.
We have a history of more than 90 years from the establishment of our Glass lining shop (IHK) in 1923. We were the first in Japan to succeed in developing a high-volume glass-lined equipment which was long desired by the Japanese chemical industry. In September 1968, we were able to boost our growth after entering a business alliance with NGK INSULATORS (NGK), reinforcing our corporate structure, and accelerating the development of our technology and product quality.
In August 1989 through joint investment with NGK, a sales and maintenance service company NGK CHEMITECH (NCT) was established, which enabled a wider variety of solutions for our customers.
In April 2020, IHK and NGK CHEMITECH merged to become an integrated manufacturing and sales company.
Now we cover the design, sales, and maintenance of a broad selection of anti-corrosive equipment including the ceramic lined pumps and valves that use NGK's unique ceramics technology.
Building on our rich resources and long history of experience in the industry, we promise to move forward with advances in technology and ground-breaking applications, offering the best solutions for every customer.

NGK Chemitech, Ltd.
Shigehiro Yamada
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735, Shimotomi, Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan 359-0001

NGK CHEMITECH is a member of the NGK Group.

NGK CHEMITECH and De Dietrich are in technical alliance in Glass Lining Technology.