Ceramic Pump ET-Series


Ceramic lined centrifugal pump: ET series

ISO standard ceramic pump

The ET pump complies with ISO2858 (international standard) and has a back-pullout structure, which allows replacement of the shaft seal device while the piping is still in place. The wetted parts are made of ceramics.

This pump is best for chemical transfer lines for the electronics industry, medical and agricultural chemical manufacturing plants, etc.

Flow rate 0.05〜5m3/min
Pump head 10〜60m
Max. operating temp. 140℃


  • Corrosion Resistance

    Wetted parts such as the casing and impeller are made of NGK's ceramics designed/developed for the chemical industry, which has the highest corrosion resistance against almost all acids and organic solvents. Furthermore, there is no risk of corrosion due to permeation of chemicals, which is unavoidable with resins, and no risk of electrical corrosion, which can be seen with corrosion-resistant metals such as titanium.
    However, it cannot be used with alkalis, hydrofluoric acid, or fluorine compounds since ceramics are not corrosion resistant to such substances.

  • Pressure and heat resistance

    Pump structured with ceramics has great strength and wide range of heat resistance which makes the pump very reliable, and furthermore, the ceramic structure is armored with FCD-S (ductile iron castings) which elevates the structure to an even more durable structure. The ceramics has no thermal deformation which means the best performance will continue over a long period of time.

  • Abrasion Resistance

    The high-strength ceramics used in the ET type ceramic pump has high abrasion resistance and excellent durability against chemical solutions with slurry.

  • Operability

    The pump conforms to international standards (ISO2858) and new JIS standards making plant design easier and more compact. In addition, the back-pullout structure makes maintenance extremely easy, as parts can be replaced and serviced without removing the piping.

  • Compatible Compatibility

    NGK pumps that comply with international standards have full interchangeability of parts.
    Parts are shared with Chemiflow pumps.

  • Pump Performance

    The excellent pump efficiency achieved by the high-strength ceramic impeller reduces the running cost.

  • Shaft seal reliability

    Based on our rich experience in the field of corrosion and abrasion resistant pumps, we offer a variety of shaft sealing devices. This ensures leak-free and trouble-free operation over a long period of time, and reduces maintenance costs.


This product is among the restricted product types listed in Appended Table 1 of the Export Trade Control Order. Export requires export permission based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and other relevant laws.

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